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Association Law 1901
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Logo de l'ASSOCIATION ALTERNATIVE-ESPOIR au 8 lotissement cocotte à Ducos Martinique
Famille heureuse

          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_   COUPLE and FAMILY division


This space offers couples, families and children a space where the crisis will not be experienced as a fatality but as an opportunity for renewal.

We offer individual support for children, adolescents, parents and adults, as part of psychotherapeutic follow-up. 

A real space for the family, we offer systemic support for the couple as well as the family. 

You will meet clinical psychologists in this space, including child and adolescent psychologists. 


Our Rates 

Individual therapy (children, teenagers, adults)50€

couple therapy80€

family therapy80€

ILLUSTRATION mettant en évidence les conflits parents-enfants
illustration portant sur les conflits dans le cadre des jeunes couples.

(Support space for couples and families)



(Therapeutic Support Space for the Perinatal Period)

Emprise de bébé

In this space we offer therapeutic support around perinatality, as a whole. The perinatal period extends from pregnancy to early childhood (0-5 years). You need support for:

  • Preparing you to welcome life;

  • Relieve you from the ailments of pregnancy (lumbosciatica, pelvic pain, heavy legs, preparation of the pelvis for childbirth, etc.);

  • Adapting to change: becoming a parental couple;

  • Live your pregnancy; 

  • Relieve your baby's ailments after birth (colic, regurgitation, constipation, tearing, nervousness, sleep disorders, difficulty sucking, etc.);

  • Rebalancing the body of the mother after childbirth; 

  • To be accompanied in mourning...


You will be able to find in this space a team of specialized professionals (clinical psychologist, osteopath and psychomotor therapist) to accompany you.

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Individual support (osteopathy; psychology) 50€

Couple support (psychology)80€

Support in psychomotricity35€

Coming soon ... 

You will be able to take part in thematic workshops (breastfeeding, baby massage, babywearing, etc.) and discussion groups led by our professionals and networked professionals (midwife, pediatrician).

Femme enceinte de jouir de sa boisson
Famille heureuse
Garçon jouant au château gonflable
illustration portant sur les conflits dans le cadre des jeunes couples.

Actions of the Parenting Support Support Network



Our association is one of the operators of CAF Martinique, and in this context we offer free discussion groups led by our professionals. You will have the opportunity to meet other parents, to exchange around a convivial moment in complete freedom and confidentiality. 

For more information on the parenting actions of the CAF, go totheir website


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