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Logo de l'ASSOCIATION ALTERNATIVE-ESPOIR au 8 lotissement cocotte à Ducos Martinique

     Youth Center


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The Youth Listening Point (PAEJ) - SOUTH Sector

Il s'agit du logo du point d'accueil écoute jeune de l'association ALTERNATIVE-ESPOIR

You ask yourself questions, you encounter problems, you have projects but you doubt... Without judgment or a priori, we talk about it!!


The reception and listening point is a resource center for all young people aged 10 to 26 and their parent(s), living in the southern territory of Martinique.


Anonymous, Confidential and Free space, we welcome you alone or in a group, whatever your questions or your request. You will be able to confide what cannot be said elsewhere. 


The team is available to inform, prevent and support through face-to-face reception, prevention workshops or Conference-Debates with young people and families.




Net walker 

Promeneur du net
Logo PDN
PDN affiche

A system set up by the various CAFs in the national territory, Les promeneurs du Net are professionals available on social networks to advise, inform and guide young people aged 12 to 25. 

This means allows the young person to explain his situation while keeping his anonymity, the time to establish a relationship of trust with the professional. 

On the territory of Martinique, 9 PDN (Promeneurs du Net) are available on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Instagram. Appointment on thesite of the walkers of the net 972  to discover them and get in touch with them. 

Mission Locale

South Local Mission 


We offer young people registered with the Local Mission of the South (MILSUD) the possibility of benefiting from psychological support. The objectives are on the one hand the implementation of an individual psychological follow-up within the framework of integration, but also the screening of problems related to mental health. 

Psychologists are available to all, and receive on the antennas of François, Rivière-Salée and Marin. 


The conditions to qualify :

be registered with the local mission and apply to your advisor. 

You can find them on theirpage 

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